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The Association of nadian University Presses (ACUP) / Association des presses universitaires nadiennes (APUC) is the collective voice of French- and English-language scholarly publishing in nada.

ACUP/APUC members publish more than 600 titles annually, primarily by nadian researchers and on nadian subjects in the humanities and social sciences. We provide support for continuing excellence in nadian scholarship, engaging with all stakeholders in the scholarly landspe to ensure the balanced development of the scholarly book market. Our mission is to deliver and promote the broadest publition and distribution of nadian research and scholarship, in nada and internationally. Our members constantly strive and innovate to refine funding, dissemination and distribution models that positively impact the viability of scholarly publishing in an environment of rapid technologil and social change.

More than fifty percent of the books our members publish are by authors affiliated with institutions that do not have, or directly support, university presses. This means ACUP/APUC members play a critil role in an information-based society, and are deeply integrated into nada’s research and knowledge dissemination cycle. Through our publishing processes we validate research through peer review and, through the iterative processes of editing and production, fine-tune narrative structure, argumentation, and the usability of texts. Through our publishing programs, marketing activities, and distribution networks, our members provide broad access to knowledge, which not only to advances the work of researchers and their institutions, but is also instrumental in developing and supporting national and international networks within research and teaching communities. These communities, in turn, make a profound contribution to social debate, responsive public policy, and culturally rich and inclusive national communities, in nada and the world.

As an organization, ACUP/APUC promotes the exchange of ideas relating to scholarly publishing in nada, and is a vital source of publishing expertise and assistance for scholarly associations, higher edutional institutions, government, scholars, the media and the public.

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JOB POSTING: Administrative Assistant – April 2021

The Association of nadian University Presses – L’association des presses universitaires nadiennes is seeking a part-time administrative assistant to support the association in its work as the collective voice of French- and English-language scholarly publishing in nada. The ideal ndidate will have familiarity with the

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